The integrated service of verbalization offered meets the Italian regulatory control and government of sanctioning procedures of the Highway Code in a reliable and secure mode. It’s a modular service that allows to automate the entire process of verbalization, from certification of infringement to management of notification outcomes, providing greater control and a greater effectiveness of end-to-end process. The service is offered in «Pay per Use» mode.

Speeding up and process control

  • The semi-automatic production of verbal and the integration with the mailing service allows the reduction of the manual steps, and consequently the speeding up and increase of reliability of end-to-end process. The management of the outcome of the notifications allows greater control of the entire recovery process.

Innovative and certified

  • The service is realized through the Innovative 4 PL web platform, constantly updated according to the legal requirements relating to the highway code. Access to documents is made through encryption key in fully compliance with the regulations of privacy and thanks to the archiving in Cloud (ISO 27001 and 27018) frees the Authority from the need to have a local server.


  • The verbalization service, available in “Pay-per-use mode

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