International Debt Collection

Safety21 offers an international debt collection service aimed at both individuals and public bodies.
It operates internationally through an international network (present to date in more than 150 countries) with largely consolidated operational processes and executed in the language of the reference country.
The service is configured in 2 well-defined and sequential steps:
Extrajudicial Debt Recovery
Judicial recovery

All stages of debt collection are carried out in accordance with the legislation and rules in place in the country where the practices are intended.
The institution has full control over every single step and on the progress of the processing of the practices with related reporting.
The judicial phase is managed with the collaboration of highly specialized law firms always connected to our international network.

All this is a guarantee of maximum success.

Dove è attivo il servizio

Single interlocutor

  • Coordination of all global recovery activity and support of a multilingual call-centre

Innovative and certified

  • Direct transition to the practice network via certified systems, with Sensitive Data Protection regulated by European law (GDPR)


  • Monthly reporting and fees applied only in case of recovery

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